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4x4 Car & Horse Gift Box
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RRP: £39.99
Papo 4×4 Off-Road Car and Horse Box Set from the Papo Horses, Foals and Ponies.
Alezan Piebald Islandic Horse
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An Alezan Piebald Islandic Horse from the Papo Horses, Foals and Ponies collection.
Harness Gift Set
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RRP: £7.50
A saddle, with numnah pad, and bridle to fit the Papo horses. Any of the Papo sitting horse-riders will fit in the saddle and stirrup irons and hold the reins.
Horse Riding Gift Set
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RRP: £48.99
A Horse Riding Gift Set from the Papo Horses, Foals and Ponies collection.
Pony Club Gift Set
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RRP: £29.99
"Pony Club" - Papo Play Figurines This is a complete set young horse riders!
Trendy Rider's Horse
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RRP: £7.99
Trendy Rider Horse complete with plaited mane and saddle and bridle from the Papo Horses, Foals and Ponies collection.
Winter Riding Girl Horse
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RRP: £7.99
One of our favourite models in the Papo Horses range is the Papo Winter Riding Girl Horse.
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